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Frequently Answered Questions

Q) I see that a lot of your offers are free or low cost trials. Do I need to stay on past the trial period for the trials I try?

A) No, you don't have to do that unless that specific offer says that you need to and that is rare. All we ask is that you give the offers a fair try before you decide whether or not you want to keep them past the trial date or cancel them. You DO NOT need to become a full member with any of the offers in order to receive your prizes, unless that specific offer mentions that in their terms. Again, that is very rare and will be made very clear on that offer's description and terms if you need to stay on and become a full member. As long as you give the products and services an honest try, the advertisers are happy to pay you for your time! The reason they want to pay you just for your time is because they make a lot of money doing this - a lot of people do end up mentioning the trials to friends and family when they enjoy the product so it is well worth it to these companies to pay for this type of advertising.

Q) Why are you giving away prizes to the mentors who train people to use your site?

A) Each time we generate a valid lead for one of the advertising companies on our site, we earn a commission. When you complete enough offers to go green, it means we are getting paid by those companies you signed up with even if you decide to cancel the trial before it ends; provided of course that you gave the product or service an HONEST try and used it through most of the trial. From these earned commissions, we are able to reward mentors (also called sponsor members) with just about any prize they can think of to request! Usually those mentors are making it worth YOUR while too, with some sort of reward or payment directly from them to you.

Q) Can I just sign up for offers to get credit and then cancel them right away?

A) Absolutely not. You MUST give the trial an honest try before making your decision on whether to cancel or keep the product/service. If you sign up for an offer and cancel it right away, you will have your credits revoked for that offer. This is their doing - not ours. Please be sure to actually sign up for offers you have an interest in TRYING, because many of them WILL have ways of knowing if you actually used the service, especially if it's a web based service.

Q) Do I need to spend money in order to participate on this site?

A) In some cases, yes. You need to complete enough offers to gain 100% credit and some of the offers ask for a small payment to cover shipping or processing fees. It is definitely possible to simply stick to the FREE offers, but even the free offers will usually require valid credit card information to be placed on file during the trial period... otherwise people would keep signing up over and over sign new, fake names.

Q) Is it safe to give out my information on your site?

A) Absolutely. This site (freecountrycommando.com) will never share or sell any legitimate user's information. Some of the offers you sign up for may send you information regarding similar products or partner offers, but your credit card information and other personal information is secure. If you decide you want to try one of the credit check offers, don't be surprised if they ask for your social security number - they need it in order to run your credit report. These are legit companies who do business with hundreds if not thousands of customers a week.

Q) How long does it take to receive credit for the offers I do?

A) The time it takes an offer to credit is listed under the offer along with the amount of credit it's worth to you. These predicted reporting times are what most people will experience, but there is no guarantee that you will see the same results as the next person. An offer can credit INSTANTLY after you complete it, or an offer can sometimes take a number of days. We have no control over this as we simply pass the credit on to you once we receive notification from that offer that you have been recognized as a valid lead. This is actually all done by our automated system, which means in some cases the credit really does happen instantly - but don't be alarmed if that doesn't happen. Hold on to the confirmation/welcome email that each offer sends you because we will need a copy of that if you do not receive credit for an offer you do. We will then take that to the advertiser and try to make sure you get credit for that offer!